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Briefing for logo, why fill it out?

Dear Customer,
Below you will find a questionnaire, which is the first step in the process of creating your project with Grupo Aspecto

It will help us understand what you want, by filling in the necessary information for the process of developing your Logo/Visual Identity.

Fill out this briefing carefully and with a wealth of details so that we can have satisfactory results!

Knowing more about the company

1 - What is the current moment of the company?

2 - What are your company's main services/products?

3 - What are your company's missions, visions and values?

4 - Who are your main competitors? If they have a website, cite the links to their pages.

5 - Does your company have a slogan?

1 - What is the social class?

2 - What is the age group?

3 - What is the genre of your target audience?

If your company were a person what would it be like? Choose as many options as you need:

 2 - Of the words you chose from the previous question, name two that you consider stronger.

 3 - If necessary, add some more features.

1 - What exact name will be used in the creation of the logo?

2 - Do you have any element or object in mind that you want to be present in the logo?

3 -   Do you have any element or object in mind that you do NOT want to be present in the logo?

4 - What colors would you NOT like for the creation?

If you have images of your old logo or want to send suggestions designed by you, upload the images below:

upload your files


About your target audience

Personality for the brand

Brand creation

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